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Restful moments await you in our health hotel in Bad Traunstein im Waldviertel. The lightly bracing climate in our region caresses the respiratory passages and allows you to breathe more freely. Follow your inner voice on the path to better health, more pleasure and zest for life. Feel the power of our natural mud, the healing resource in Bad Traunstein.

Depending on the type of therapy, our ‘black gold’ has an antispasmodic effect, improves circulation and alleviates pain caused by irritated veins and varix. Mud stores heat for a particularly long time. We exploit this characteristic in order to positively influence vital bodily functions, such as heartbeat and metabolism.

Treat yourself to something truly special during your stay with us – such as a soothing cosmetic treatment – and consciously devote time to your beauty. Spend time at your leisure in our generous sauna and bathing complex, lie back and relax your body, your mind and your soul.”


Free charging stations

Two charging stations are available in our underground car park. All types of electric car can charge at our type 2 compatible Wallbox charging ports.